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Bert de Vries, Calvin-Birzeit partnership teaching and research

About the Wadi el-Far’a Publication

Abdulfattah, Kamal and Bert de Vries eds., Wadi el-Far’a Project Report: An Environmental Assessment of the Wadi el-Far’a Watershed. The Lower Jordan River Programme Publications 8 (Ramallah: Birzeit University 2006), pp. i-iii; 1-193.

The following Calvin undergraduates and graduates co-authored chapters (see table of contents below) - listed with their majors at Calvin College:

Brian Blankespoor: Computer Science
Sebastian Naslund: Geology
Beth VandenBerg: History and Geology
Kimberly DeWall: History and Archaeology
Lynne (Abi) Tan: History and Biochemistry
Holly Byker: History
Benjamin Ruddell: Engineering
Erinn Murphy: Business and Economics

The following Birzeit University graduates co-authored chapters – listed with their majors at Birzeit University

Ahmad Abuhammad: Geography and Soil Science
Salem Thawaba: Geography
Ihab Dababsa: Geography and Archaeology
Ahmed Rjoob: Geography and Archaeology
Farah Ghalib: Geography
Abdelhalim Tomeizeh: Geography and Hydrology
Raida Qarabsa: Geography

Birzeit-Calvin Partnership Faculty

Othman Sharkas, Prof. of Geography, Birzeit University
Kamal Abdulfattah, Prof. of Geography, Birzeit University (co-director)
Bert de Vries, Prof. of History and Archaeology, Calvin College (co-director)

The research was conducted with a $100,000 grant from the ALO-USAID, The Association Liaison Office for University Cooperation in Development, and with cost-share contributions of $61,500 by project partners, Calvin College and Birzeit University. Kimberly DeWall (Calvin grad) served as project financial administrator; Riham Barghouti (Birzeit staff) and Donna Anema (Calvin staff) oversaw fund disbursal and accounting at their respective institutions. Michelle Wright administered the project for the ALO.

The book was published under the auspices of the Lower Jordan River Basin Project (by the permission of its co-director Leif Manger) with funding from NUFU, The Norwegian Council for Higher Education’s Programme for Development of Research and Education.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Wadi el-Far’a Project Summary p. 1
Bert de Vries
I. Summary Report p. 2-10
Kamal Abdulfattah and Bert de Vries
II. Sectoral Reports
A. Information Technology p. 11-13
(Ahmad Abuhammad and Brian Blankespoor)
B. Natural Landscapes p. 14-49
Brian Blankespoor, Sebastian Naslund, Othman Sharkas, Salem Thawaba, Beth VandenBerg
C. Land-Use p. 50-76
Brian Blankespoor and Ahmad Hammad
D. Archeology p. 77-99
Kimberly DeWall, Ihab Dababsa, and Ahmad Rjoob
E. Built-up Areas p. 100-117
Farah Ghalib (Sebastian Naslund and Abi Tan)
F. Water Rights p. 118-140
Abdel Halim Tomeizeh and Sebastian Naslund (Erinn Murphy)
G. Pollution/ Health p. 141-166
Raida Qarabseh, Benjamin Ruddell, Lynne (Abi) Tan
H. Israeli Colonies p. 168-198
Holly Byker