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MEd in Literacy

The MEd in Literacy creates literacy experts who can work in multiple educational contexts to ensure that all students develop the literacy practices needed to participate in a diverse, technologically sophisticated and highly literate society. Courses examine such issues as literacy assessment, remediation and intervention, construction and evaluation of curriculum, literacy programs, literacy leadership and reform, diverse learners and literacy development.

A typical program is 32 - 33 semester hours

  • EDUC 510 - Advanced Educational Foundations
  • EDUC 511 - Consulting, Collaborating and Coaching
  • EDUC 513 - Cognition, Learning, and Literacy Development
  • EDUC 540 - Language Arts in Elem and Mid School Curriculum
  • EDUC 541 - Early and Emergent Literacy
  • EDUC 542 - Diagnosis and Remediation of Literacy Difficulties
  • EDUC 543 - Adolescent and Adult Literacy
  • Literacy Pre-requisite or Elective
  • Social Context Workshop or Course
  • EDUC 591 - Educational Research and Evaluation
  • EDUC 594 - Graduate Seminar: Literacy

Graduate course descriptions



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Dr. Johanna Kuyvenhoven, PhD. is the advisor for this program. To discuss this program with her you may reach her at 616-526-7629 or email her at

Dr. Rooks