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Workshops: Summer 2013

We are excited to offer a wide variety of workshops this summer. If you would like to register for one of these please fill out the guest application. Workshops are $265 per semester hour or $530 per workshop unless indicated with special pricing.

Calendar for summer course and workshop offerings.

EDUC 605 Immersion Education: Best Practices, Research and Strategies (2) OC July 22 - 26 Kathy Walcott will be the instructor. SC 318

This workshop addresses both theoretical and practical questions related to second language acquisition in a variety of immersion settings.  The workshop will provide a research-based introduction to immersion education and will showcase teacher practice and strategies that will enable participants to address the challenges of promoting language acquisition while teaching content.  Workshop topics will include oral language development, language assessment, lesson planning, content and language objectives, and literacy.  Throughout the week participants will engage in activities to deepen their understanding of these topics and how to engage them effectively in their classroom.

EDUC 606 Social Context in Education: Students as Dis/Abled, a critical investigation (2) OC July 22- 26 Phil Stegink will be the instructor. SC 312
The content of this workshop will challenge participants to investigate disability in the context of schooling. Participants will construct an understanding of historical and contemporaneous models of special education and the students served by special education programs. Conceptualizations of disability will be confronted, particularly as they impact formation of schooling practices for those considered disabled. Emphasis will be given to structural arrangements of schools based on models of special education, including instructional practices, interactions among students and among students and teachers, and administrative function.

Using presentations, readings, case study investigation and class activities, workshop participants will construct an understanding of special education practices, a personal conceptualization of disability and a vision for enhancing structures within they work on behalf of students identified as disabled. There will be a small pre-course assignment therefore register by July 12.

EDUC 625 Teaching, Technology, and Faith (2) OC plus one day field trip July 8 - 12 Marj Terpstra, Kara Sevensma, and Bob Keeley will be the instructors. Workshop canceled.

Larry Cuban wrote that in adopting and implementing technology educators must begin with one crucial question:  To what end?

Technology continues to infiltrate the educational landscape at an unprecedented pace.  As schools embrace technology, educators must make critical decisions about how, when, and why they will use technology.  They must ask themselves “to what end?”  How does technology enhance Christian pedagogy? How can educators leverage technology to promote flourishing and shalom? How should they choose educational technologies?    

This workshop will examine Christian pedagogy in technology-rich environments through the integration of on-campus and online experiences in addition to a one-day off-campus experience.  Candidates will examine theoretical and philosophical foundations for making decisions about technology selection and implementation in classrooms.  Candidates will explicitly consider how technology affords novel opportunities for enhancing Christian pedagogy.  Throughout the workshop candidates will learn through readings, videos, discussions, lecture, collaborative projects, school visitations, and hands-on technology exploration.

“New technology is common, new thinking is rare.” - Sir Peter Blake
Come think with us!

IDIS 602 Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities Who Struggle to Learn World Languages (2) OC July 22- 26 Irene Konyndyk will be the instructor.
SC 322 Workshop canceled.
This workshop will help world language instructors (in all languages and at all levels) learn how to teach a second language to students who struggle due to learning disabilities or other issues. During the week long workshop, participants will discover how to incorporate strategies into their teaching practice which are multisensory, structured, and lave a strong metacognitive component.


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