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Workshops: Summer 2011

We are excited to offer a wide variety of workshops this summer. If you would like to register for one of these please fill out the guest application

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CAS 610: Gender and Education: P-12 (2) OC July 18 - 22 meeting in DeVos Communication 150
Workshop will equip elementary and secondary school teachers better to meet the learning needs of boys (as boys) and girls (as girls), with specific attention to the impact of race and class on gender. Current research into the origins and ongoing development of gender identity will inform discussion and construction of teaching strategies across the curriculum that capitalize on the strengths of both girls and boys as learners. There will be some pre-course readings assigned by the professor so sign up early!

EDUC 605 Immersion Education: Best Practices, Research and Strategies (2)OC June 27 - Juy 1
meeting in Spoelhof Center 300

This workshop addresses both theoretical and practical questions related to second language acquisition in a variety of immersion settings.  The workshop will provide a research-based introduction to immersion education and will showcase teacher practice and strategies that will enable participants to address the challenges of promoting language acquisition while teaching content.  Workshop topics will include oral language development, language assessment, lesson planning, content and language objectives, and literacy.  Throughout the week participants will engage in activities to deepen their understanding of these topics and how to engage them effectively in their classroom. Kathy Walcott will be the instructor.

Educ 606 Social Context in Education: Students as Dis/Abled, a critical investigation (2) OC July 18-22 meeting in Spoelhof Center 318
The content of this workshop will challenge participants to investigate disability in the context of schooling. Participants will construct an understanding of historical and contemporaneous models of special education and the students served by special education programs. Conceptualizations of disability will be confronted, particularly as they impact formation of schooling practices for those considered disabled. Emphasis will be given to structural arrangements of schools based on models of special education, including instructional practices, interactions among students and among students and teachers, and administrative function.

Using presentations, readings, case study investigation and class activities, workshop participants will construct an understanding of special education practices, a personal conceptualization of disability and a vision for enhancing structures within they work on behalf of students identified as disabled. There will be a small pre-course assigment therefore register by July 8.

EDUC 619 Teaching as a Christian Practice (2) OC July 11 - 15. Offered in partnership with Kuyers Institute for Teaching and Learning and will be meeting in Spoelhof Center 322
Must apply for workshop through Kuyers Institute. Application
Our efforts to think about teaching and learning in a Christian manner have often been focused on broad philosophical questions and principles, leaving open the task of relating these to the daily work of the teacher. This workshop will examine what recent discussions of Christian practices have to do with schools and classrooms – can an exploration of Christian practices help us to discern the calling of the Christian teacher and to articulate what might be Christian about a school or classroom? Together we will explore what it might mean to approach Christian teaching and learning not merely as the conveying of Christian ideas, but as a shared Christian practice. Participants should emerge with a clear understanding of recent discussions of the nature of social practice and of how these discussions can be used to understand the relationship between Christianity and education. Those seeking credit will write an integrative essay describing a possible application of a specific Christian practice to some aspect of their educational situation. David Smith will be the instructor. This is offered in partnership with Kuyers Institute for Teaching and Learning.

HIST 604 Teaching the Reformation Effectively to 21st Century Students (2) OC Juy 25 - 29 Offered in partnership with the Meeter Center. First 8 to register will receive a $500 tuition reduction. Hiemenga Hall 316

This workshop will focus on how to get the Reformation to come alive for students in today’s classrooms. Topics covered include the key themes and impact of the Lutheran, Calvinist/Reformed, Anabaptist, and Catholic Reformations in the sixteenth century. Participants will access a range of primary source texts, images, and classroom activities they can immediately put to use in their teaching and will prepare and present a lesson plan to the group on the last day of the workshop.

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