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Summer opportunities to explore Christian pedagogy

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Teaching as a Christian Practice Workshop

June 30-July 3, Grand Rapids Christian High School.

Instructor: David I. Smith

This intensive workshop, already well received by groups of Christian teachers in several countries, will focus on how Christian faith can inform our concrete teaching practices. Together we will explore what it might mean to approach Christian teaching and learning not merely as the conveying of Christian ideas, but as a shared Christian practice. Participants should emerge with a clear understanding of how thinking about the nature of Christian practices can illuminate the relationship between faith and teaching, and with concrete ideas for reinvigorating their own teaching in authentic Christian ways.

Cost and credit options

Workshop only: $100

Workshop and 2 semester hours of graduate credit: $475

Workshop and 60 SCECHs: $150

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Questions: Jan Hoffman at GRCS

Sacred Space Padagogy: Exploring the Power of Text, Action, and Objects in Christian Learning Practices

July 14 - 16 online and 23-25 on campus, Calvin College, and August 14 online.

Instructors: Debra Buursma and Jo-Ann VanReeuwyk

This workshop emerges from the Sacred Space Pedagogy Project, funded by the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning. The workshop offers a creatively structured opportunity to engage in exploring how words, actions, and objects make meaning in the classroom and how attending more carefully to them can help us make the classroom a sacred, hospitable, just space. The Sacred Space Pedagogy workshop is a hybrid course equivalent to a one week, 2 semester hour workshop. It is designed to use multiple learning contexts and allow time for deep, reflective engagement with Christian learning practices.

Cost: $530
Credits: 2 semseter hours
To register as a guest see.

Questions: Debra Buursma or Jo-Ann VanReeuwyk

Curriculum Theory and Development Course

July 7-18, Calvin College

Instructor: David I. Smith

Join us for an in-depth, two-week exploration of how faith shapes curriculum and pedagogy. We will examine the ways in which curriculum choices and pedagogical priorities are shaped by broader political, social, and theological commitments and consider a range of different ways in which Christian faith in particular might impact the design of teaching and learning. Participants will work at relating big-picture accounts of curriculum to concrete choices made in planning learning in particular subject areas or at particular grade levels.

Cost: $1296
Credits: 3 semester hours
To register as a guest see.