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Off-Campus Programs: Semester Programs

Vienna at night

Experience Vienna

Looking to get away as part of your college experience? Calvin offers a German semester abroad experience in Vienna, Austria through a partnership with Central College (Iowa).

Students are drawn to Central College Abroad's program in Vienna for the opportunity to experience two countries – Germany and Austria – in one program! An intensive German-language program at the Goethe Institute in the Kocher river valley begins the language immersion experience. In Germany, students are surrounded by the castles and palaces of the Hohenlohe region while gaining the language preparation they’ll need for University of Vienna courses and continued language study.

A long-standing tradition

ViennaIn operation since 1966, Central’s program at the University of Vienna is the oldest continually operating American program offering direct enrollment at the university. Our program in Austria is a true immersion experience. Beyond the language portion, students find themselves immersed culturally and socially through program activities, residence halls, and internship and service-learning experiences!


The Central College Abroad program in Vienna is a German language immersion program that allows for flexibility in course work for both German and non-German majors.

The kocher river valleyJust like at their home institutions, students can choose the right combination of courses to complete their academic schedule. Students must enroll in at least 12 regular semester hours per semester. Students wishing to take more than 18 semester hours may do so only with prior approval from the resident director. See Central College Abroad's website for more information.

How do I apply?

The Vienna semester is done in coordination with Central College. Apply today!

You can do an internship!

Watch interviews conducted on internships in Germany.