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Academics: Placement Testing

Placement Test

Where will I be placed? What if I wind up in the wrong class? The German Department recognizes that such questions can be very unsettling. If you find yourself in too difficult a course, you will experience unnecessary frustration; if you find yourself in too easy a course, you will waste a lot of time (and money!) going over material which you already know. We use the placement test — along with other information you provide — to place you at the level for which you are best prepared.

At the "Passport" session you attend, you will have the opportunity to discuss your placement with your advisor or a member of the German Department. Too, if you should find after a day or two of class that you are incorrectly placed, you can switch to a course better suited to your level.

Online Placement Exam

If you wish to take the German placement exam, please see the department administrative assistant for an appointment.

Take the test here.

(Note: you must have permission from the German Department to take this test)

Save yourself some trouble

Placement tests save you time and money by determining which class is right for you.

Placement tests are offered in many of the science and language classes at Calvin.