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Outside the Classroom: Student/Faculty Research

Research opportunities

Summer research

During the summer, a number of highly-motivated GEO students work alongside faculty on research projects. Topics relate to faculty areas of research, with recent projects including the geography of Eritrea, mapping terrorism threat, and investigating coastal dunes. Positions Plaster Creek include a $3,700 stipend for 10 weeks of summer research. The positions are funded through the Science Division Summer Research Program, McGregor Undergraduate Research Program, and research grants to faculty. Watch for postings through these programs and in the GEO Department in January and February to apply for a summer research position.

Summer 2016

Summer 2015

Summer 2014

Summer 2013

Summer 2012

Summer 2011

Summer 2010


Academic year research

GEO majors regularly assist professors with their research during the academic year. Topics relate to faculty areas of research, with recent projects including Columbia Basin ecosystem management, coal deposits in Alaska, and Michigan coastal dunes. PJ Hoffmaster State ParkThese research positions are usually paid, though some may be worked into for-credit independent studies. Speak with your advisor or another GEO faculty member to find out about academic-year research positions. Also, watch bulletin boards and GEO department e-mails for position postings.


Independent/external research

GEO majors are also encouraged to pursue research opportunities with agencies outside of Calvin College. For example,

  • Summer of 2014, Joel Betts worked through the Au Sable institute to study the effects of dam removal on stream ecosystem health.
  • Summer 2010, geology major Adam Koster worked in Houston, TX, as a Lunar and Planetary Institute rocks from MarsSummer Intern.
  • In summer 2008, geography major David Young worked in Hawaii as a part of NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program.


Watch GEO bulletin boards and talk to your professors to learn about these external opportunities.


More information

Recent presentations and publications by GEO student researchers.

Search other numerous opportunities to work within the department.