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Outside the Classroom: Off-Campus Programs

Study off-campus

Take advantage of the many opportunities you have to study off-campus as a GEO student. Study geology in Montana, volcanoes in Hawaii or natural resource management in the American Northwest during interim, or go to place like the Netherlands or Thailand for a more extended stay.

Students studying geology in Montana

Interim courses

Volcanoes in the Sea (Hawaii) - explores the natural and cultural history of Hawaii, Maui, Kauai and Oahu. Activities include hiking to active volcanoes and snorkeling to examine the islands' marine environment.

Big Sky Geology (May interim) - an affordable off-campus interim option that includes exploration of rocks, rivers and mountains in Montana.

Montana Field Methods - a new May-term field course that is highly recommended for geology majors.

Earth Science for Educators (May-odd numbered years) - a geology immersion course in Montana, designed specifically for future teachers.

Who Owns the West? (May-alternate years) - a course based in Oregon, focusing on the balance of land/resource use with environmental protection, and how these decisions impact the people and the landscape of the American West.

Ethiopia: Communities of Hope - an interdisciplinary course balancing the rich history and culture of Ethiopia, informed by two thousand years of Christianity, and the challenges of severe poverty, minimal infrastructure and the AIDS epidemic.

Leadership, Geography and Culture in Kenya - an interdisciplinary course focusing on geography, economic development and Christianity in a cross-cultural setting (taught in collaboration with Messiah College).

Starfish caught in Thailand


Semester programs

Calvin offers 12 off-campus semester programs. Any of these programs can fit into your course of study if you plan your schedule well.

One program may be of particular interest to GEO majors:

The semester in New Mexico includes a course in introductory geology and the option to take electives at the University of New Mexico-Gallup. The program also provides the opportunity for education students to do student teaching at Rehoboth Christian School.

Other field courses

It is highly recommended that all geology majors enroll in a geology field course between their junior and senior years.

Enroll in the Montana Field Methods course, or for a more intensive experience, see field camps offered by other colleges.

Related programs

Check out field work opportunities offered by Calvin's archaeology program, including an interim program in Umm el-Jimal, Jordan.

Other programs

Did you know that in 2009, Calvin ranked in the top ten colleges in the United States for sending students abroad?

Calvin offers 12 off-campus semester programs and many more off-campus interim courses each year.