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Outside the Classroom: Student Employment

Lab Assistant

REPORTS TO:  Class Instructor

JOB PURPOSE:  Assist the laboratory instructor before, during and after the laboratory; Grade student work as assigned by instructor.


  1. Help to set up laboratory as necessary.
  2. Clean up the laboratory space and/or equipment at the end of each laboratory period or a later time can be arranged with instructor.
  3. Assist students in the performance of laboratory work primarily by acting as a resource person to answer questions or demonstrate procedures.  Assistant should take a proactive role in this.
  4. Grade lab reports in a timely manner and keep secure records of lab grades.
  5. Know location and operation of safety equipment.
  6. Depending on the nature of the course, be willing to drive departmental vans on field trips and to be certified as an authorized van driver by Calvin College. Must have a valid driver's license.


  1. Preference given to GEO majors who have taken upper level courses relevant to the course they will be assisting.
  2. Must be in good academic standing with the college with an overall GPA of 2.7.
  3. Must have taken the course ( or equivalent) with which they are assisting and have earned a B or better.
  4. Must be able to communicate effectively with students and laboratory instructor.
  5. Must be able to follow directions given for the performance of the laboratory exercise.
  6. Must model and insist on compliance with safety rules and regulations.  This includes safe driving practices if asked to drive.
  7. Must be able to take appropriate action if a laboratory accident should occur.
  8. Must be courteous, prompt, dependable, honest, and able to maintain confidentiality.
  9. Must commit through the end of the semester. 

WAGE LEVEL:  $8.15/hr (with appropriate increase for prior experience in department)


HOURS: the scheduled lab period, prep time prior to the start of lab and clean-up time after lab; may involve some weekend field trips.