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The CGDGMCSFDET (Grassroots Doughnuts)

The last Thursday.

Spring 2016 semester is about over. As the semester draws to a close, you may feel sad about leaving your friends, or super stressed about impending finals. Whatever the trouble is, the solution is clearly eating dumpster doughnuts. Nothing makes you forget your problems like the shamless indulgence of these deep-fried morsels of joy. Their sugaryness will make you feel ready to face your finals like a fearless warrior/huntress, and their delightful texture is a better comforter than the Daniadown Duvet Collection - Eiderdown. So stop by the GEO lounge and have some doughnuts and community, let's rock the end of the school year!

Mourning the GEO fish.

Our Fishy Friends are greatly missed. Evans Lodge organized a memorial service for the GEO fish, and provided donuts in good CGDGMCSFDET style. The memorial service was well attended, especially by members of the CGDGMCSFDET. Many tears were shed, and Evans and Michael shared poems that they dedicated to fish of the GEO department's salt water aquarium, which was recently moved to a Project Neighborhood house. We are very happy that in this time of great sorrow people are embracing the proven and effective coping methode of eating free, locally aquired donuts.

Same place. Same time. Bring the Joy. 2/3/16.

Winter is no longer impending. Our doughnutty harvest season is over. But now we're dealing with the dreary, grey, cold, bleh that is this winter. Some of us are returning from sunny Interims abroad to this depressing weather, and others of us are depressed because our friends had sunny Interims abroad while we did DCM. Point being, I think this calls for some free doughnuts! We shall leverage the great social power of CGDGMCSFDET and bring Joy to Thursday. Sugary, deepfried gladness will shake off the gloominess and get this semester started right. Let's go.

Thursday the GEO lounge was filled with joy. 10/22/15.

So where do the doughnuts come from? Well, The Calvin GEO Department Grassroots Movement for Crowd Sourced Free Doughnuts Every Thursday, or CGDGMCSFDET, relies completely on some person or persons being the provider/providers of said doughnuts for that week. Word on the street is that Evans, Katy, and Jon have spearheaded the movement by being 'providers' already. Next week may also be covered, jump right in if you're interested in the procurement of tasty goodness from questionable sources for the enjoyment of all. We're doing good work people.

CGDGMCSFDET: Mission statement. 10/15/15.

In the spirit of Fall, that fine balance between the high spirits of the harvest season and the unspeakable dread of what is coming, there will be free doughnuts in the Geo common room every Thursday!

You're Welcome,

-The Calvin GEO Department Grassroots Movement for Crowd Sourced Free Doughnuts Every Thursday