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Outside the Classroom: Student Employment


Applications will be accepted for the following positions until filled.

Graders for Fall 2015


Lab Assistants for Fall 2015

GEOG 252LA Geomorphology M 1:30-4:20 van Dijk

GEOL 212LA Structural Geology W 1:30-4:20 Staff

GEOL 251LA Oceanography TH 6:00-8:30 Stearley

GEOL 325LA Hydrogeology TH 10:30-12:20 Staff

Dice Museum Monitor or Docent

Positions filled for 2015-16


Seminar Assistant

Position filled for 2015-16


Geospatial Lab Technician

Position filled for 2015-16


Weather Technician

Position open for 2015-16 (D. van Dijk, supervisor)


Map Library Curator

Position filled for 2015-16


Seismograph Technician

Not needed at this time


Website Assistant

Position filled for 2015-16