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Outside the Classroom: Student Employment


Applications will be accepted for the following positions until filled.

Graders for Spring 2015

All positions filled for the spring.

Lab Assistants for Spring 2015

GEOG 120LA Earth Systems Tues. 10:30-12:20 Staff
GEOG 250 Meteorology Weds. 1:30-4:20 PM van Dijk
GEOG 322 Coastal Geomorphology Tues. 1:30-4:20 PM van Dijk


Dice Museum Monitor or Docent

Positions filled for Interim and Spring 2015


Seminar Assistant

Position filled for 2014-2015


Geospatial Lab Technician

Position filled for Spring 2015


Weather Station Technician

Position filled for 2014-2015


Map Library Curator

Position filled for 2014-2015


Seismograph Technician

Not needed at this time.


Website Assistant

Position filled for 2014-2015