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Outside the Classroom: Student Employment


All positions have been filled for the fall semester. Check back in November and December for spring semester postings.

Please submit completed application forms to Department Manager Catherine Zietse in NH058 or by email at

Graders for Fall 2016

ENST 210, Human Impacts on the Environment, J. Skillen

GEOG 110/243, World Regions/U.S and the World, J. Bascom

GEOG 351, City and Regional Planning, S. Becker


Teaching Assistants for Fall 2016

GEOG 261, GIS and Cartography, M. Bjelland


Lab Assistants for Fall 2016

GEOG 120L, Earth Systems, K. Bergwerff (2)

GEOG 252L, Geomorphology, D. van Dijk

GEOL 151L, Intro to Geology, R. Sparks

GEOL 215L, Mineralogy, R. Sparks

GEOL 317L, Sedimentation, R. Stearley


Dice Museum Monitor or Docent


Department Office Assistant


Geospatial Lab Technician


Weather Technician


Map Library Curator


Seismograph Technician

Not needed at this time

Website Technician