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Outside the Classroom

Get your hands dirty - literally!

As a geology, geography or environmental studies major, you aren't likely to sit in a classroom day after day. You will be out in the field, touching, seeing, smelling and maybe even tasting the things you're studying. Check out these opportunities:

Field trips

Explore gypsum mines, rock quarries, sand dunes and more as part of your GEO classes. Most courses include field trips, ranging from local trips during class or lab to day-long, overnight or weekend trips to Michigan, Ontario or Illinois.

Student/faculty research

Work alongside professors conducting research during the summer or throughout the year. Recent student research includes studies of coastal dunes, mapping Eritrea and using GIS technology to assess terrorism threat. Many research projects produce conference presentations or publications.

Off-campus programs

Pack your bags and head off campus to study geology, geography and environmental studies. Recent destinations for interim trips include Hawaii, Montana and Oregon.

Student employment

Each year, the GEO department hires students to work in the classroom, laboratory, weather station, map library, geospatial laboratory and more.

Quick facts

More than 70% of GEO courses include field trips.

Students participate in student research every summer.

The GEO department offers an affordable introductory geology class to Montana each May.

Each year, 15-20 GEO students are employed by the department.