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JanayaCrevierFulbright Student to Map Geography of Refugees

Geography major Janaya Crevier (2016 Graduate) will use the power of cartogrphy to tell stories of refugees in Austria this fall.



Story Map Project Aims for Ecological Justice in Plaster Creek Watershed

Summer research by Charlotte Reynolds ('16) Annaka Scheeres ('16) and Professor Jason VanHorn draws attention to social and environmental justice issues in Grand Rapids.


GEO fish memorial service

Evans Lodge reads haiku dedicated to the GEO fish.



A leading member of the CGDGMCSFDET has organized a memorial service in honor of the departed GEO fish. In an email to all department members he announced...

"We have lost our beloved fishy friends, a blow I know has racked us all with unrelenting despair. While I'm confident that spring break will slowly begin to heal the emotional and psychological traumas inflicted (by) the departure of the GEO Fish, I propose a memorial service, in order to fully mourn their departure. I will bring donuts - you may bring poetry, music, other food, stick-on fish tattoos (or real tattoos), and anything else that you feel will adequately celebrate the lives we once shared with the Nemo crew (and mourn the lives we now live without them)." -Evans Lodge

New Faculty

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Renee Sparks to our open Geology Professor position! Dr. Sparks earned her Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Kansas in 2001, and has been teaching at Northwest Missouri State University since. She participated in the 2015 Montana May interim before beginning her new position on August 17, 2015.

Emeritus Research

Professor Emeritus of Geology Dr. Clarence Menninga has completed research on the Allende meteorite that fell in Mexico during the winter of 1969. He has prepared and submitted a paper on the concentration of 17 elements within 36 chondrules (meteorite fragments) from Allende. Check out his work here.

Other featured articles

BascomGIS: A New Kind of Mapping

Emma DeVries (2012 alumnus) and Professor Jason VanHorn discuss the importance of GIS and their own work within the field of GIS.

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