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Faculty: Jason VanHorn

Jason VanHorn


Dr. VanHorn has taught a variety of courses at Calvin College and usually teaches one or two courses each semster. He has taught:

Semester Courses at Calvin College:
 GEOG 110: World Regional Geography
 GEOG 261: Geographic Information Systems & Cartography
 GEOG 295: Remote Sensing of Earth
 GEOG 361: Advanced Geographic Information Systems
 GEOG 310: Urban Geography
 GEOG 380: History and Philosophy of Geographic Thought

January Interim Courses at Calvin College:
 GEOG W40: GIS and Urban Environments (January 2009)
 The Geography of Terrorism – Theory and GIS (January '11, '14, '16)
 Geography and Geology of Hawaii (January 2013, with Dr. VanKooten – Geology)