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Faculty: Deanna van Dijk

Deanna van Dijk

Research interests

  • aeolian and coastal geomorphology
  • cold-climate processes
  • wind erosion in complex environments
  • Lake Michigan coastal dunes

Research history

  • 1991-1999:
    Graduate studies and post-doctorate research: I spent part of each year on the north shore of Lake Ontario studying the processes which make winter winds a dominant agent of landform change on the Presqu'ile Beach and coastal dunes.
  • 2000-present (Calvin College years):
    Long-term study: Along with Calvin students, I am measuring rates of sediment transport by wind and coastal dune change at a Lake Michigan field site in P.J. Hoffmaster State Park.
    Other projects include:
    • Collaboration with Hope College studies of an active dune near Holland, MI
    • Summer studies (with students) of several Ottawa County dunes to provide information for specific management questions
    • Studies (with students) to develop a method for creating a Dune Features Inventory for west Michigan dunes.