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Faculty: Deanna van Dijk

Deanna van Dijk


Refereed Publications (selected)
*indicates undergraduate student

  • Hansen, E., S. DeVries-Zimmerman, D. van Dijk and B. Yurk (2009). "Patterns of windflow and aeolian deposition on a parabolic dune on the southeastern shore of Lake Michigan." Geomorphology 105: 147-157.
  • Hansen, E.C., A.F. Arbogast, D. van Dijk and B. Yurk (2006). "Growth and migration of parabolic dunes along the southeastern coast of Lake Michigan." Journal of Coastal Research SI 39 (Proceedings of the 8th International Coastal Symposium): 209-214.
  • van Dijk, D. and D.R. Vink* (2005).  “Visiting a Great Lakes sand dune:  The example of Mt. Pisgah in Holland, Michigan”.  The Great Lakes Geographer 12(2): 45-63.
  • van Dijk, D. (2004). "Contemporary geomorphic processes and change on Lake Michigan coastal dunes: An example from Hoffmaster State Park, Michigan." Michigan Academician 35(4): 425-453.
  • van Dijk, D. and J. Law (2003). "The rate of grain release by pore-ice sublimation in cold-aeolian environments." Geografiska Annaler 85A(1): 99-113.

Recent conference papers and posters
*indicates undergraduate student

  • van Dijk, D. (2009). "Lake Michigan foredune evolution and short-term variations in lake level, weather and vegetation." 52nd Conference on Great Lakes Research. International Association for Great Lakes Research. University of Toledo (Toledo, OH), 20 May 2009.
  • Beauchamp*, J., F. Van Baak* and D. van Dijk (2009). "Creating a Dune Features Inventory (DFI) for Michigan coastal dunes." Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (Las Vegas, NV), 22-27 March 2009; poster.
  • van Dijk, D. (2009). "Undergraduate research is building an understanding of Lake Michigan coastal dunes." Annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers (Las Vegas, NV), 22-27 March 2009; illustrated paper.
  • Pettinga*, L.A. and D. van Dijk (2008). "Contemporary geomorphology of a large parabolic dune on the east shore of Lake Michigan, USA." Annual meeting of the Geological Society of America (Houston, TX), 5-9 October 2008; poster.
  • Schmitkons*, J.P., B. Geurink*, J.E. VanHorn and D. van Dijk (2008). "Using a Geographic Information System to map patterns of change in a Lake Michigan coastal dune system." Annual meeting of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters. Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI), 7 March 2008.