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Faculty: Deanna van Dijk

A few of my passions...

Dunes: Any dune is fascinating, but Lake Michigan has some spectacular dunes.

Coasts: These are some of the most dynamic environments on earth.

Winter/cold regions:Too many people miss out on wonderful things because they avoid the cold.

Fieldwork: To really understand geomorphology, you need to spend time with the landforms and processes.

Teaching: Geography is a great discipline and it's a privilege to be able to share.

Fieldtrips: What better way is there to experience geography!

(Undergraduate) Student research: Students have the hands-on opportunity to learn and contribute to advancing knowledge.

Canada: Spectacular landscapes. Wonderful people.
(...and real winters, hockey, short elections, consistent metric use, Tim Horton's, poutine....) What's not to like?

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