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Faculty: Clarence Menninga


  • Hometown: Pella, IA
  • Now lives in Grand Rapids with his wife Irene


  • Completed a B.A. in Chemistry at Calvin College, 1949
  • Received his M.A.T. in science and math at Western Michigan University, 1959
  • Received his PhD in Chemistry from Purdue University, 1965

Professional Experience

  • Worked as an anayltical Chemist for a while
  • Taught Grand Rapids Christian High School
  • Worked briefly at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Livermore, CA
  • Joined the Calvin College Faculty in 1967 as a full-time Professor, hired to develop courses and programs in Earth Science and Geology.
  • Retired in 1990

Research and Study Interests

  • Meteorites
  • Science and Christian Faith relationships


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Current Activities

Allende Chondrules


Clarence Menninga
North Hall 073