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Research - Meet the research team from Calvin College
Since May 2000, twenty-one Calvin College students have worked as summer research students or academic-year research assistants on coastal dune projects with Calvin faculty member Deanna van Dijk. Other students have participated in research by volunteering for research activities or choosing a coastal dune topic for a course research project.

Student researchers working in computer lab
Analyzing survey data in the lab (summer 2002).

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Deanna van Dijk
Academic-year 2009-2010: Brian Ferwerda
Academic-year 2009 (Fall): Seth Kenbeek and Jane Louwsma
Summer 2008: Jenna Beauchamp and Luke Pettinga
Academic-year 2007-2008: Brent Geurink, Luke Pettinga and Jonathon Schmitkons
Academic-year 2006-2007: Cherith Janes and Dave Koster
Summer 2006: Michael Kingma and David Meyer
Academic-year 2005-2006: Melinda Campbell and Dave Koster
Summer 2005: Melinda Campbell and Rob Vink
Academic-year 2004-2005: Kristy Jamieson and Dave Koster
Summer 2004: Kristy Jamieson and Jon Zirkle
Academic-year 2003-2004: Aaron DeVries
Academic-year 2002-2003: Adam Benthem and Annelia Tinklenberg
Summer 2002: Adam Benthem, Ryan Bierma and Mammie Hutchful
Academic-year 2001-2002: Annelia Tinklenberg
Summer 2001: Annelia Tinklenberg
Academic-year 2000-2001: Kristen VanKley
Summer 2000: Kristen VanKley

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