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Academics: Interim courses

Who Owns the West?: Interim in Oregon

Course structure

The class will travel to Oregon from May 24 to June 16, spending time in the high desert of eastern Oregon, the Klamath River Basin, the Cascade Mountains, and the Oregon coast. Students will learn how federal land agencies carry out their responsibilities to balance land and resource use with environmental protection and how these decisions impact the people and the landscape of the American West. Students will be evaluated on the basis of their engagement with a wide range of guests—ranchers, federal employees, ecologists, etc.—their notes, and two short reflection papers. This course may fulfill an elective in the Geography and Environmental Science majors as well as the Environmental Studies minor.


Dr. Jamie Skillen will be the primary instructor for the 2010 course. Other knowledgeable guests and/or professors may also participate, depending on personal circumstances and course needs.

Tuition and fees

This course in May-June serves as a substitute for the January Interim and the student is not required to be on campus during the January time period. A fee of $1900 is required to cover airfare, rental vehicles, and other costs of the course. In addition to the fee, students should be prepared to pay for meals. A refund will be made to students if significant funds remain unspent.

cowboys of the american west

How to apply

1. Go to the off-campus programs (OCP) website and print an application for an off campus Interim.

Be sure to answer every question on the application. Bring this application to Prof. Jamie Skillen. Applications will be accepted until the class is filled.

2. Also, print one or two recommendation forms from the OCP website as these must accompany the application.

3. Bring the application and recommendation(s) to Prof. Skillen's office, North Hall 077, and he will review the application and will ask you a few questions.

4. Also bring a check for $400 as a nonrefundable deposit towards your expenses. Prof. Skillen will hold the checks until early January so they are not confused with the January interim monies. If you drop out before March 1, you will receive a refund less the expenses incurred to that point and a $40 administration fee. After March 1, there are no refunds.

5. Prof. Skillen will send the applications to the Registrar (or maybe ask you to drop it off).

6. The remaining cost of the interim course will be charged to your miscellaneous account on April 15, and due by May 1.