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Advising questions?

See our Advising Page to answer questions you might have about the department - from what courses fulfill core to becoming a GEO major.

An amalgamation of programs

The GEO department offers seven majors, one education program major, and five minors.


Historical and structural geology, mineralogy, geomorphology and petrology.

Environmental Geology

Geology introduction, mineralogy, geomorphology, geochemistry, environmental geology, sedimentation and stratigraphy.

Environmental Science (Geology focus)

Historical and structural geology, mineralogy, geomorphology, environmental geology, biology and chemistry courses, environmental studies cognates and advanced geology electives.


Earth systems, cultural and urban geography, global economy, geomorphology and Geographic Information Systems.

Environmental Studies

Biology introduction, environmental and resource economics, environment and society, earth systems, cartography and American public policy.

Science Education

Areas of elementary and secondary education certification in the GEO department.


Geology, geography, environmental studies, and more.


Other opportunities

Experiential learning

Get hands-on experience in the geosciences through research, field trips, or off-campus studies.


Learn how to plan for your career, read alumni profiles and get links to other career resources.


See the facilities and equipment you'll use in your GEO classes at Calvin.


Use the new course matrix to help you plan out your schedule.

Visit different professors to advise you on the courses you should take at Calvin.