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FYRES: Research

Three students present results at a dune site.
FYRES students practicing for future work with an informal 'poster' presentation early in the course.

FYRES Student Research Posters

Each FYRES research team designs and produces a poster on their research project and its preliminary results. The research teams present the posters at the Calvin Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP) poster session in early December. At the poster session, the students respond to questions and comments from an audience that is viewing posters on a variety of topics related to the environment of Calvin College and its surroundings.

Because of the time needed for large-format printing, the posters are constructed fairly early in the research process for each team. The poster results are preliminary and are usually revised for the oral presentations that the research teams give at the end of the semester. You can view the poster results below, but we recommend that you use the research report if you are interested in the final results of a project.

2011 FYRES Student Posters

  • Analysis of Management Techniques at North Beach Park Dune (pdf of poster)
  • Interactions between Blowout Formation and Trails on the Dune Ridge (pdf of poster)
  • Relationships between Oriental Bittersweet and Castle Park Dune (pdf of poster)

2012 FYRES Student Posters

Research Information

FYRES 2011-2012 produced 4 research projects, 5 presentations (3 papers and 2 posters) at the Michigan Academy in March 2012, and 3 research reports.