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FYRES: Research

FYRES students (2016) standing proudly next to their research poster.

FYRES Student Research Posters

Each FYRES research team designs and produces a poster on their research project and its preliminary results. The research teams present the posters at the Calvin Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP) poster session in early December. At the poster session, the students respond to questions and comments from an audience that is viewing posters on a variety of topics related to the environment of Calvin College and its surroundings.

Because of the time needed for large-format printing, the posters are constructed fairly early in the research process for each team. The poster results are preliminary and are usually revised for the oral presentations that the research teams give at the end of the semester. You can view the poster results below, but we recommend that you use the research report if you are interested in the final results of a project.

2016 FYRES Student Posters
2015 FYRES Student Posters
  • Intended and Unintended Effects of Sand Fences in Ottawa County Parks Poster (pdf)
  • Analysis of Restored versus Native Cirsium pitcheri Sites Poster (pdf)
  • Blowouts and Wind Interactions Poster (pdf)
  • Environmental Factors Affecting Cirsium pitcheri at Rosy Mound Natural Area Poster (pdf)
  • Cirsium pitcheri growth and location on Mt. Baldy at Hoffmaster State Park Poster (pdf)
  • Comparing level of accessibility with aesthetic experience on recreational trails in west Michigan dune environments Poster (pdf)
2014 FYRES Student Posters
  • Effects of Planted Vegetation and Sand Fence Management at Castle Park Dune Poster (pdf)
  • Natural and Anthropogenic Impacts on Cirsium pitcheri at Rosy Mound Natural Area Poster (pdf)
  • The Impact of Deer Trails in the North Ottawa Dunes Poster (pdf)
  • Boardwalk Effectiveness: Enjoyment vs. Preservation Poster (pdf)
  • The Relationship between Human Impact and Scarping with the Characteristics of Ammophila breviligulata on Foredunes Poster (pdf)
  • Planted Ammophila breviligulata on North Beach Dune Poster (pdf)
2013 FYRES Student Posters
  • Dune Management and a Great Lakes Threatened Species Poster (pdf)
  • The Effect of Three Autumn Storms on a Foredune Poster (pdf)
  • Investigating Deer and Trails on North Ottawa Dunes Poster (pdf)
  • Investigating Blowouts at Hoffmaster State Park Poster (pdf)
  • Characteristics of Trails in Relation to Blowouts in Hoffmaster State Park Poster (pdf)
2012 FYRES Student Posters
  • Effects of Management Techniques on Castle Park Dune Poster (pdf)
  • The Evolution of the Kitchel-Lindquist Blowouts Poster (pdf)
  • Effectiveness of Management Efforts on Mt. Pisgah Poster (pdf)
  • Unmanaged Trails on the North Beach Dune Poster (pdf)
  • Managing Trails on a Dune to Protect Pitcher's Thistle Poster (pdf)
  • Lake Michigan Coastal Dune Interaction with Storms Poster (pdf)
2011 FYRES Student Posters
  • Analysis of Management Techniques at North Beach Park Dune Poster (pdf)
  • Interactions between Blowout Formation and Trails on the Dune Ridge Poster (pdf)
  • Relationships between Oriental Bittersweet and Castle Park Dune Poster (pdf)


Research Information

Research posters undergo many reviews and revisions before being sent for printing. Any FYRES student will tell you that it takes a good deal of work to produce a high quality poster.

FYRES students will also tell you that seeing the full-size printed poster (and presenting it to an audience) is a satisfying experience.

The posters are displayed in the GEO Department hallway for a year,until replaced by new FYRES student posters.