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FYRES: Research

FYRES Students taking measurements with the total station

Trails and Blowouts in Hoffmaster State Park

Mentored by: Katie Burkley
Team: Focus on Trails - Abigail Hocking, Cal Thorne, Angela Tiemeyer; Focus on Blowouts - Barak Howell, Eric Medema, Joel Newswanger

Research Summary: Our team will look at the characteristics of trails and blowout activity in Hoffmaster State Park as well as the relationships between the two. For trails, some possibilities are to measure the trail widths and characterize vegetation as well as surface conditions. For blowouts, some possibilities are to identify types of blowouts as well as surface condition and shape. In combining our trails and blowout data we can look for a relationships as well as patterns between the two. Another component of this research will be identifying signs of human and/or animal traffic and whether that is a leading cause in blowout activity within the dunes. This data could be useful to make assumptions as to what affects blowouts within Hoffmaster State Park. Trails Poster (PDF) and Blowouts Poster (PDF) 


Research Information