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FYRES: Research

FYRES Students taking measurements with the total station

Storm Impacts on a Foredune in Hoffmaster State Park

Mentored by: Jake Swineford
Team: Joshua DeVries, Nichole DeVries, Jonathan Gorter, Jacob Santucci, John Spykman

Research Summary: This study investigates how storms affect a beach-foredune system. This research project builds on the results and methods of a 2012 FYRES project. The study site is located at Dune 2 in Hoffmaster State Park. We will be examining storm characteristics such as waves, wind speed and direction, precipitation, and pressure. In addition to this, we will be looking at correlation between these characteristics and foredune change, which can be monitored through wind and wave erosion and deposition, sand transport, and other variables. Methods could include anemometers/wind vanes, erosion pins, sand transport monitoring, GPS, and a new method for measuring wave run-up. Poster (PDF)


Research Information