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FYRES: Research

FYRES Students taking measurements with the total station

Pitcher's Thistle in Ottowa County's Rosy Mound Natural Area

Mentored by: Natasha Strydhorst
Team: Carolina Angulo, Anna Camilleri, Ethan DeVries, Anna Selles

Research Summary: This study investigates a resident population of Pitcher’s Thistle (which is listed as threatened in Michigan) and the variables which might affect the population.  Our study location is Ottawa County Parks’ Rosy Mound Natural Area, which is located south of Grand Haven, on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Ottawa County is interested in a comprehensive overview of the Pitcher’s thistle population, which the study would aim to provide via several dune study methods. Last year’s Pitcher’s Thistle study at Flower Creek Dunes Nature Preserve could be a resource for comparison between populations in an area dominated by unmanaged trails and Rosy Mound Natural Area, in which they are somewhat sheltered by a managed boardwalk.  We will also investigate variables influencing the Pitcher’s thistle population, such as deer. Poster (PDF)


Research Information