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FYRES: Research

FYRES student holding prism on foredune during total-station survey
FYRES students surveying the foredune in Hoffmaster State Park in Fall 2012.

FYRES Research Projects in 2012-2013

FYRES students and Research Mentors worked on 6 research projects in the September 2012-May 2013 academic year. The projects included topics of scientific interest as well as applied research questions.

  • Management Effectiveness study: A FYRES research team investigated whether sand fences were effective in stabilizing an active blowout in the Castle Park Reserve.
  • Kitchel-Lindquist study: A FYRES research team investigated the patterns of vegetation and sand transport on two large blowouts in a dune preserve in Ottawa County.
  • Mt. Pisgah study: A FYRES research team evaluated the effectiveness of management techniques on a very popular dune in Ottawa County.
  • North Beach Dune study: A FYRES research team investigated how management actions affected the unmanaged trails on a large parabolic dune in Ottawa County.
  • Pitcher's Thistle study: A FYRES research team studied the conditions of a threatened species habitat when it exists among unmanaged dune trails.
  • Dunes and Storms study: A FYRES research team studied changes that autumn storms made to a foredune in P.J. Hoffmaster State Park.


Research Information

FYRES 2012-2013 produced 6 research projects, 6 presentations (5 papers and 1 poster) at the North-Central meeting of the Geological Society of America, and 5 research reports.