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FYRES: Research

FYRES Research team at Mt. Pisgah

Effectiveness of Management Efforts on Mt. Pisgah

Mentored by: Joe Arevalo
Team: Taylor M. Emmons, Sarah C. Harefa, Ashley L. Van Wyk, Jacob A. Zondag

Report Abstract: Mt. Pisgah is a large parabolic dune that is located near Holland State Park in Holland, Michigan. In 2005, Deanna van Dijk and student Robert Vink did a study to measure the condition of the dune as well as the amount of human impact. The study called for a comprehensive management strategy and since then, different management techniques have been implemented to maintain the stabilization of the dune. Such as; boardwalks, sand fences, warning and informational signs that were placed all over the dune to limit human impacts and restore the dune.

      During our study, we mapped, used erosion pins to measure wind movement and used sand traps to analyze how much wind was moving. We also gave a questionnaire to visitors and took pictures of many areas around the dune. The results show that Mt. Pisgah has been stabilizing due to the management techniques. Poster (pdf)

Conference Presentation: Arevalo, Joseph, Taylor Emmons, Sarah Harefa, Ashley Van Wyk, Jacob Zondag (2013). "Evaluating the effectiveness of management techniques at Mt. Pisgah." North-Central Section of the Geological Society of America (Kalamazoo, MI), 2-3 May 2013. Abstract (pdf)