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FYRES: Research

FYRES students walking on dune during research project.
FYRES students carrying research equipment across foredune in Hoffmaster State Park in Fall 2011.

FYRES Research Projects in 2011-2012

FYRES students and Research Mentors worked on 4 research projects in the September 2011-May 2012 academic year. The projects included topics of scientific interest as well as applied research questions.

  • Blowout and Trails study: A FYRES research team investigated the characteristics of trails and blowouts (and the relationships between them) in part of Hoffmaster State Park.
  • Castle Park Dune study: A FYRES research team investigated the relationship between an invasive species and a dune on property owned by the Land Conservancy of West Michigan.
  • North Beach Dune study: A FYRES research team investigated the effects of management actions on the activity of a large dune in an Ottawa County park.
  • Sand Transport study: A FYRES Research Mentor worked with physics students to test whether an equation predicting sand transport was useful at a dune site in Hoffmaster State Park.

FYRES itself is a research project to investigate whether/how participation in research helps students learn about science. A research team of two faculty (Deanna van Dijk, Crystal Bruxvoort) and a science-education student (Merideth Beukelman) are working on this project. Some of their early results are included under Conference Presentations.


Research Information

FYRES 2013-2014 produced 5 research projects, 4 conference posters, and 4 research reports are currently in progress.

FYRES 2012-2013 produced 6 research projects, 6 presentations (5 papers and 1 poster) at the North-Central meeting of the Geological Society of America, and 5 research reports.

FYRES 2011-2012 produced 4 research projects, 5 presentations (3 papers and 2 posters) at the Michigan Academy in March 2012, and 3 research reports.