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FYRES: People

FYRES students doing research
Tim, Catherine, Sydney, John, and Sam look at scenery from top of large dune.

Meet all the people involved in FYRES!

First-year students, upper-level student mentors, a logistics coordinator, and a professor form the FYRES: Dunes community.


FYRES students are in their first semester at Calvin College and are taking Geog 181 for a variety of reasons such as obtaining science core credit or beginning an Earth science major.


Upper-level students majoring in Earth science disciplines mentor the first-year students in their research activities. This year, six upper-level Earth science students are mentoring the 2014 FYRES students.


Catherine Hilbrands (an environmental studies student) coordinates all sorts of details for FYRES including logistics, the application process, and the website.


Dr. Deanna van Dijk is a physical geographer who has been studying Lake Michigan dunes for more than 10 years. She teaches the class and labs, supervises the Mentors, and works with the Coordinator to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Student applications for the Fall 2015 FYRES course are now open! Curious about what it's like to be a FYRES student?

Mentor applications are now being accepted for 2015-2016.

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