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FYRES: Apply to Participate

FYRES Student with mentor enjoying the dunes

Waiting List for Fall 2016: The class is full, but applications are being accepted for the waiting list. It is not uncommon for 1-2 spots to open up late in the summer if previously-registered students change their plans. To gain a spot on the waiting list, submit an application to be part of the course. Your position on the waiting list is determined by the timestamp on your application (the earliest application is the first on the list to be considered, etc.). You can wait with contacting a teacher or advisor to submit a recommendation until you are notified that there is a spot for you. At any point in the process, you are welcome to email Deanna van Dijk ( to ask about the status of the waiting list (such as how many people are ahead of you).


To be eligible to participate, a student must

  • enroll as a full-time student for the first time at Calvin College in Fall 2016
  • demonstrate academic potential or ability
  • demonstrate a strong interest in a research experience and science generally.

Students do not have to declare an interest in majoring in an earth science discipline (or any science) to participate. We hope the course will continue to attract students from a variety of disciplines.

After you apply...

During the summer, applications are considered in the order in which they are received. Generally, applicants will receive an email within a few days of submitting information. Applications receive full review when both the student application and the recommendation are completed. Applicants are then notified about their status in the course.

Email list for information

Please sign up for our email list below if you would like:

  • to receive a reminder to apply a few days before the application deadline of 10 May 2016.
  • to be notified when FYRES research is posted.

Fill out this form to receive an e-mail reminder and/or information.

More information

If you're interested in hands-on outdoor research on Lake Michigan's coastal dunes, the FYRES program may be for you.

Browse through current student and mentor profiles to get a picture of the FYRES experience, or see our research pages for more information about previous and current projects.

The FYRES course has up to 24 spots for first-year students.

In the summer during Passport advising and registration for fall courses, the FYRES participant's fall schedule will be constructed around the FYRES course.

Want to be a FYRES mentor? Check out our information for interested upper-level Calvin students.

For more information, contact Deanna van Dijk at