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Gender Studies Writing Contest

Each Spring the Gender Studies program sponsors a campus-wide writing contest. Any student may enter by submitting any course paper that focuses on a gender issue. Evaluators judge papers according to uniqueness of topic, depth and integration of research, strength of argument, clarity, and style. Junior & Senior level: top 3 papers - $100 each. First-year and sophomore level: top 2 papers - $100 each. Detailed Information on submission is available in the spring.

Gender studies sponsored/co-sponsored events

Date/Time Place Event/Speaker Title/Details

Wednesday, September 17 3:30pm

DeVos Center Lobby Religious Freedom and LGBT Rights: A Constitution Day Conversation Celebrate Constitution Day with a conversation about religious freedom and LGBT rights. Moderated by Prof. Kevin Den Dulk (Political Science/Henry Institute), Steve Monsma (Henry Institute) and Prof. Chris deGroot (Religion/Gender Studies). Refreshments served. Sponsored by Calvin College Political Science Dept. and the Henry Institute.
Wednesday, September 24 3:30pm Hekman Library Lobby Gender Studies Fall Kick-off

Join us by the fireplace in the library lobby to learn about the gender studies minor. Meet the professors who teach and students who take the gender classes. Also, eat free food.

Wednesday, September 24 8:00pm

CFAC Recital Hall

Kristyn Komarnicki

The Trafficker Within: What we do - and who we hurt - when we use pornography

Everyone is against human trafficking. Fighting the global trade in human flesh has become a popular cause. But without knowing it, many of us are deeply implicated in human trafficking because of our relationship with pornography… Say what? Join us for a dot-connecting conversation.

Sponsored by the Sexuality Series

Thursday, September 25 7:00pm

CFAC Recital Hall Kristyn Komarnicki

Sexual Justice: Why what we do with our bodies matters

We were created out of the eros of God, who planted within us a love of beauty, a hunger for touch, and a longing for intimacy. What would our sexuality look like if we kept that truth uppermost in our minds? How would we treat ourselves and others?

Sponsored by the Sexuality Series

Past Events