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Academics: Engineering and French

Engineering and French

Grenoble program, 2013
In the Fall semester of 2013 several Calvin students visited CERN for its open days during their semester abroad in France. CERN (French acronym for "Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire), which is located near the French-Swiss border, is home of the largest particle accelerator in the world and is a fundamental physics research organization. Students Jenai, Lea, Nikki and Henry had the opportunity to see the how the accelerator worked and talked to researchers, physicists, engineers, and other scientists to get a small glimpse of the scientific world of CERN and the immense international community that benefits from it.

Below are some examples of Calvin study paths for a double major in French and Engineering.

For more information, contact Dr. Steven VanderLeest in Engineering or Dr. Jolene Vos-Camy in French.


Electrical & Computer Engineering Concentration
No previous French.
Civil & Environmental Engineering Concentration
Previous French.
Mechanical Engineering Concentration
Previous French.
Chemical Engineering Concentration
Previous French.
Mechanical Engineering Concentration
Previous French.

Comments from past double-majors

“I am definitely glad that I pursued the double major. […] It has had an overall positive influence on my life, specifically the opportunity to spend a semester living, learning and travelling in France. In addition to the wonderful memories and friendships formed, studying abroad gave me a greater awareness of and appreciation for cultural differences in general as well as things like international politics and economics.”

“I do firmly believe that pursuing the French major, both at Calvin and in Grenoble, has helped to make me the person I am today, and for that I am grateful. When I took oral rhetoric for engineers, the topic of one of my speeches was that every student should (try to) study off-campus / abroad during their time at university, and I was always proud that Calvin ranked so highly in this regard when compared to other American schools.”
Justin Wassink
Chemical Engineering concentration
Class of 2008

“Personally, I do think that taking French and going to France has had a very positive influence on my life. Living in France for 5 months was an experience that I will cherish forever. It broadened my perspective of the world and really got me interested in travel. […] I imagine that a lot of people are hesitant to double-major with Engineering since it can require an extra year, but I must say that my last year at Calvin was really the best. I grew a lot personally, made a lot of new friends, and had a really great time.”
David van Geest
Electrical & Computer Engineering concentration
Class of 2008