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Academics: Core Requirements

Core foreign language requirement

  • Students fulfill their foreign language requirement with the completion of French 113, French 202 or French 203.
  • There are four course sequences available:
    • The multisensory structured French sequence: 111 (fall, 4 sem. hours)—112 (Interim)—113 (spring, 4 sem. hours);

      The intensive sequence: French 131 (fall, 5 sem. hours)—132 (Interim)—202 (spring, 4 sem. hours);

      The traditional sequence: French 101 (fall, 4 sem. hours)—102 (spring, 4 sem. hours)—201 (fall, 4 sem. hours)—202 (spring, 4 sem. hours)
      Students may enroll in either the intensive sequence or the traditional sequence after taking a placement exam. Students may only enroll in the multisensory structured French sequence on the basis of adequate documentation of being at-risk.

    • Students can also complete the core requirement with French 203 (fall, 4 sem. hours).

The Integrative Studies core requirement may be satisfied with any of the three French literature courses: French 394, 395 or 396.

The Global and Historical Studies core requirement may be satisfied by taking French/STFR 362 or 363.

The Literature core requirement is satisfied by FREN 351.

Cross-Cultural Engagement core requirement is satisfied by STFR 330 in France.