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High School Writers Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of registration for the High School Writers Workshop?
The registration cost for each student to participate is $25.00 (including a snack, a lunch, a writing journal, and a cinch sack).

2. To whom should I have a check made out?
Please make checks payable to the Youth Writing Festival. We prefer one check per school, but if a student sends a personal check, the child's name should be on the memo line.

3. Do we pick up the program materials on the day of the event?
We ask that all materials be picked up the week before the event. This practice has prevented long lines and confusion on the morning of the event. Materials may be picked up at Calvin's English Department located in the Covenant Fine Arts Center.

4. My child/student has severe allergies. What kind of snacks will be offered?
Most of the snacks we provide are donated by a vendor in the area. We are very grateful for their generosity and support of the Youth Writing Festival. Since the snacks are donated, we are unable to regulate what they contain or where they were prepared.

5. What type of writing must my students submit to be considered for the writing contest?
Students who choose to submit a piece of writing to the writing contest must be registered for the workshop. Please refer to our submission guidelines for more information about the contest.

6. Is every student who is registered for the workshop required to submit a piece of writing?
No. Only students who are interested in entering the contest need to submit a piece of writing.

7. May I pick up my child early on the day of the workshop?
We encourage all students to stay for the entire workshop program. If your child needs to leave early, we ask that you notify us ahead of time.

8. Will my students be able to buy books and have them signed at the event?
Yes. Books will be available for purchase during the event and the author will have a book signing.

9. If I decide to drive my child, where should I park my car?
We ask that all vehicles park in the DeVos Center and Prince Conference Center parking lots (lots 14, 15, and 16).

10. Who should I call in case of an emergency?
In case of an emergency, please call the Festival office at 616.526-8423.