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Taos, New Mexico

Interim in New Mexico

Taos Art and Literature

Prof. Linda Naranjo-Huebl will lead students on an exploration of Taos, New Mexico, a place that has inspired artists, writers, storytellers and musicians from several different cultures, including Native American, Latino, and Anglo.

Did you know that Native American cultures consider stories the greatest wealth a person can possess? Looking for a life-changing off-campus interim within your budget? Interested in a place that has inspired storytellers, writers, artists, and musicians for hundreds of years, that is home to Native Americans and North America’s earliest Latino culture, and that features the most beautiful landscape of the American Southwest?

Come see pics and hear stories from previous students of the interim.  If you love stories and storytelling, art, music, and the mountains and would like to learn more about the Taos area of New Mexico, check out this interim!

More information:

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