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Majors and Minors: English Majors Overall Structure

English Majors Overall Structure

Download a PDF that breaks down the overal structure of the three English majors (40 KB).

English 295: Introduction to Studies in English
British Literature:
2 from English 212-214, 310-317, 337, 338
NB: Only one 200-level course allowed; both courses may be 300-level if desired
Craft of Writing:
English 260
English 370
American Literature:
2 from English 220-226, 320-322
NB: Only one 200-level course allowed; both courses may be 300-level, if desired
Professional Writing:
1 from English 262-266
History of the English Language:
English 371
Global Literature:
1 from English 200, 202, 300
Creative Writing:
2 from English 360 or 362: Fiction/Poetry

English 372

1 from 238, 332-335
Stylistic Analysis:
1 from English 261, 373, or editing interim
Stylistics and Discourse Analysis:
English 373
English 330
1 from English 200-238, 300-322, 332-341

1 from English 374, 375


Advanced British/American Literature:
1 from English 310-322, 337, 338


1 from English 260-266, 360, 362 OR 1 from English 370-375

1 from English 300-322, 332-341 or 370-375
2 from English 200-238, 300-322, 332-341 or English 260, 262, 264, 266, 360, 362 (at least one of which must be a literature course)

1 from CAS 200, 211, 305, 318, 327 or 1 from English 300-322, 332-341

Phonetics Cognate:
1 from any English course

1 chosen in consultation with advisor (see full description for list)

English 380, 390, 399
English 395

*At least two courses (taken to fulfill a specific requirement or as an elective) must primarily cover American or British literature written before 1800.


Get an internship by enrolling in English 380: Internships.

Getting internship experience

Enroll in English 380 and work with a professor to find an internship at a local publication, marketing/communications firm or one of the many Grand Rapids publishing houses.

Find an independent internship through Career Development, or apply for a writing-related internship at a non-profit organization through the Comenius Scholars program.

Graduating with honors

If you plan to graduate with honors in English, you must:

  • Complete a minimum of six courses for honors credit, at least three of which must be in the English department (not including honors English 101).
  • Take at least two of your courses taken for honors must be from outside the English department. Honors English 101 may count as your sixth honors course.
  • Complete English 399: Honors Thesis as one of your three honors courses in English. Learn more about the honors project.
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher, both within the major and overall.
  • Receive a grade of B+ or higher on your honors thesis.