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Historical Background

Miscellaneous Topics Women Bede Behn, Aphra Beowulf Bible Translations Bunyan, John Caedmon: see Bede

Chaucer, Geoffrey

Crashaw, Richard Donne, John Dream of the Rood, The Dryden, John Gawain Poet: see Sir Gawain

Herbert, George

Herrick, Robert Johnson, Samuel Jonson, Ben Julian of Norwich Kempe, Margery Langland, William Lanyer, Aemelia Lyrics in the Middle Ages Malory, Thomas Marlowe, Christopher Marvell, Andrew Milton, John Norwich: see Julian of Norwich

Nun's Priest: see Chaucer

Piers Plowman: See Langland

Pope, Alexander

Second Shepherd's Play Shakespeare, William Sidney, Sir Philip Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Spenser, Edmund Surrey (Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey) Swift, Jonathan Towneley Plays: see Second Shepherd's Play

Wakefield Master: see Second Shepherd's Play

Wife of Bath: See Chaucer

Wroth, Lady Mary

Wyatt, Sir Thomas

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