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Current Student Resources: Professional Licensing

FE and PE Exam/Engineering Licensure Information

The typical process of becoming a Professional Engineer involves graduating from an ABET accredited program, and passing the FE and PE exam.

Calvin highly encourages it students to take the FE exam. Student study groups have been formed at the initiative of the students for preparation. The Calvin Pass rate is excellent. 95% of Calvin students who take the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE) pass on their first attempt.

The FE - "Fundamentals of Engineering"-(the FE exam is also known as the EIT - "Engineering In Training" exam) covers the basics of Engineering education. It is advised that an engineer takes this exam while still in school or shortly after graduation - while all the fundamentals of engineering are still "fresh".

FE Exam Guide: (Click on the link for more info)
The FE exam is an 8 hour exam with 120 1-point questions in the 4-hour morning session and 60 2-point questions in the 4-hour afternoon session.

Next FE Exam:
The FE exam will be available every two out of every three months.Click link for more information.


PE - Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam

The PE - "Principles and Practice of Engineering" exam covers topics more specific to one's field of expertise. It usually requires 4 years of experience working as an engineer.

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