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Senior Design Project Proposals

Tyler Helmus, Nnamdi Maduagwu, Andrew Dykhuis and Kobby Appiah-Berko designed 'The Libriarian' robot for their senior design project in 2012. Their devise was designed to help the Calvin Hekman Library staff better identify misplaced books on library shelves. This project idea was presented by the Calvin Library Director. Tyler has accepted a job offer at Tennet, Inc. Nnamdi is working at Johnson Controls, Inc. Andrew is attending graduate school for Nuclear Engineering at the Massechusetts Institute of Technology and Koby accepted a job at Goldman Sachs, LLC.

We're delighted to hear you have an idea to share!

The senior engineering students choose their projects, with faculty oversight and approval. They sometimes decide as soon as the spring of their junior year, often over the summer leading to their senior year, and for sure by the first couple weeks of the fall semester of their senior year. The key point is that we don't assign projects, but rather the students choose for themselves.

The Senior Design (ENGR 339/340) faculty maintain a list of possible projects that we make available to the students. If you'd like to contribute to that list, we need a one or two paragraph description of the idea, along with contact information (email or phone number) that interested students could use to get in touch with you if they wanted more information.

If your idea is proprietary (e.g., you are hoping to patent something), then it is probably best to speak first a patent attorney to ensure your rights are protected. Often those types of ideas do not work out well for senior engineering projects because the seniors need to be able to publicly discuss their projects to the public as part of the course.


Senior Design Lead Instructor

Prof. David Wunder,
Civil and Environmental Concentration

If after reading the information above, you wish to proceed, you can email a one or two paragraph description to Prof. Wunder at: