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Final Design

  • Lock and Canal Layout
    The final design for the lock and canal system can be seen below. The narrow stretch in the middle will house the lock and gate system. The doors of the lock and the gates will work together to make sure that at least one door is closed at all times. This section will consist of vertical concrete walls. The wider sections on either end will be simple canals. They will have an earthen sloped sides.


  • Folding Doors
    The preliminary design is going to use the folding doors. The folding doors were chosen because the hydrostatic pressure will assist the user in closing the doors and because of their ability to submerge into the water which allows the user to pass over them.

    Preliminary Door Design

  • Handbike
    A handbike will be used to open and close the doors and gates of the lock system. A handbike is very similair to the pedals on a bike, except that they are modified slightly to have handles rather than pedals. The handbike was chosen because it will allow the user to input the most force while maintaing balance while in their canoe or kayak.

Preliminary Handbike Design

  • Gear and Pulley System
    A gear and pulley system will work between the handbike and the doors and gates. This is where the mechanical advantage will be found that allows the user to open and close the large doors of the lock with minimal force required.