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What Is A Water Lock?

  • What Does A Water Lock Do?
    A lock is used to raise and lower boats between bodies of water that have different elevations. A lock has a fixed chamber that can allow the water level to change from high to low; or low to high.
  • Where Are Water Locks Used?
    Water locks can be used anywhere there are two bodies of water that are close to eachother, yet have a significant difference in water level elevation. They are often located next to dams, but can also be found independtly.
  • How Does A Water Lock Work?
    A typical water lock uses pumps, valves, and gates to control the water level inside of a chamber. A typical water lock has four steps:

1) The boat enters through the gate on one side of the lock

2) The gate will close so that the boat is inside of a sealed chamber

3) The lock operator uses a system of pumps and valves to change the water level from either high to low, or low to high.

4) After the water level has changed, the boat exits through the gate into the other body of water.