The 6-Stroke Project

Fossil fuels are being used at an alarming rate and unconventional methods need to be considered to help reduce the dependency on these fuels. The primary goal of this project is to increase the efficiency of a standard internal combustion engine. The six stroke engine is a unique opportunity for improving the efficiency and sustainability of engines. A four stroke engine has been modified to a six stroke engine by adding a steam cycle; such that the engine (1) intakes, (2) compresses, (3) combusts, (4) exhausts, (5) injects water, (6) re-exhausts. The rapid vaporization of the water during the fifth stroke is similar to the combustion of the gasoline. The combustion converts chemical energy into usable power, and likewise, the vaporization of water converts waste heat energy into usable power. By harnessing waste heat, the added strokes effectively reduce fuel consumption, and therefore emissions, without significantly compromising on power.