Team 11: Poseidon Aquatic Automation

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What We Are Working On:


The different sensing technologies avaliable for use in our project:

    -ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) sensors 
    -pH scale sensors 
    -Amplification of sensor signals 

Microproccesor Control:

The Specifics of considered microprocessors and development suites:

    -Arduino Development Kit 
    -Atmel Development Suite(AVR Studio) 
    -Graphical LCD and Touch Screen Implamentation 

Mechanical Delivery System:

A look at the different mechanical delivery systems that we are considering:

    - Auger based systems   
    - Integration with the pool pump   
    - Tube fed systems   

Wirless Control Systems:

Compilation of the research and identified options for both uploading and downloading of data.

    - DHCP support for LAN networks   
    - Network Security Use   
    - AD-HOC system vs. Infrastructure Unit   


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