Team 11: Poseidon Aquatic Automation

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The Team:

Jacob VanderWall

  - I was born and raised for a majority of my life in west michigan and truly enjoy the outdoors. 
  - Sports are a passion of mine and I enjoy a wide variey including baseball, soccer, 
     football, and basketball 
  -I usually enjoy challenges and really enjoy understanding and using new technology, 
    which is why I was drawn to engineering.  

Simeon Eisen

 - I was born in Ontario, but as a dual citizen enjoy spending time on both sides of the border.
 - An interest in technology and a desire to design devices for the future has fueled  
     my interest in electrical and computer engineering. 
 - Other than technology I enjoy being active and am always looking for new challenges. 

Jeff Overweg

 -  I was born in Zeeland, MI and have lived in Holland, MI.
 -  Attended Holland Christian High School, where I was on the Robotics team.

Aaron Maley

 - I was born in New Mexico, but lived most of my life in Indiana.
 - Always being interesed in technology and wanting to design new ones brought me to 
   electrical engineering. 

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