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The Project:


Our Senior Design Team has decided to undertake the design and construction of a user-friendly, automated pool cleaning system. In todays busy world, time is at a premium. We believe that the design and construction of such a system will give the end consumer more freedom with his or her time, and the ability to enjoy their pool even more.

The basic elements of the design will regulate the pool using pH and ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) sensors. These sensors will interface with our microprocessor controlled chemical dispersal system. When not enough clorine is detected or the pool needs to be shocked, the microproccesor will allocate the proper chemicals all by itself.

In an effort to make our design as user-friendly as possible, we are designing a web/cell phone interface for the device. If you are running low on pool chemicals, you will be notified. If you want to control your pools heater, so its just the right temperature when you get home, you can. Additional data, such as pH and ORP will be supplied as well via the web/cell interface.



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