We would like to thank the following parties for all their help and assistance with our work on the project:

Professor VanderLeest for his work as our Team Advisor in senior design, his helpful constructive criticsm, and his continuing role in mentorship for our team

DornerWorks for their assistance in this project, both with monetary and making their resources available to us. Special thanks to Todd Burghgraef for lending the Luminary Micro Evaluation Kit

ST Micro for providing us with free samples of their accelerometers, and to InvenSense for providing free samples of their gyroscopes

Our Business 396 team that helped coordinate a business plan and market study

Our 315 class and Professor Ribeiro for providing us the opportunity to apply our controls class to our senior design project

Our industrial consultant, Tim Theriault, for giving us some big-picture guidance on our project's design, as well offering assistance in providing engineering assistance for any problems we encounter

The Calvin Business Plan judges for their helpful suggestions of ways to improve our project's business plan

Bob DeKraker for his help and patience in ordering parts for our prototype

Professor Ryan Rooks from the Calvin College HPERDS (Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, & Sport) department, for volunteering to offer valuable user-based insights into the design requirements