About Us

Although we are all electrical engineering students, we have a variety of interests and strengths. Read below to find out more about us.

Anthony Boorsma
Anthony is a Senior Engineering Major with a Concentration in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. He grew up in West Michigan in the City of Hudsonville and has recently moved to Grand Rapids Township. He has worked as an intern at Gentex Corporation in the Software Testing Group, and at DornerWorks, a local embedded systems engineering company. He is interested in computer technology and embedded systems design.

Anthony's focuses for the project have included work with the printed circuit board (PCB) design and schematics, microprocessor. He also worked on setting up the battery and charging IC, and getting the touch panel and magnetometer to work.

Andrew Hoogendam
Andrew grew up in the area of St. Catharines, Ontario, and is concentrating in Electrical and Computer Engineering. While interning at Fifth Light Technology he has dealt with reducing energy usage in lighting. While interning at PlanET Biogas Solutions he has dealt with the production of renewable energy through biogas. Andrew is interested in pursuing a career in renewable energy production and energy conservation.

Andrew was largely responsible for the software heading and positioning algorithms, getting the accelerometers to work, as well as research for the battery supply, GPS module and filters for the project design. Andrew has also been responsible for managing the website.

Dave Moelker
Dave Moelker is from Chatham, Ontario. He is an Electrical Engineering student at Calvin College and will be graduating in May 2010. For the past two summers he has been an intern at Twisthink, a small embedded systems and industrial design firm in Holland, MI. His work there has included development of testing hardware and software for circuit boards, automation of testing procedures, and programming software for data acquisition. His interests include developments in computer technology, and embedded hardware and software design.

Dave's responsibilities for the project were development for the PCB schematics, LCD display, memory system, getting the gyroscopes to work, and organizing the operating system (OS). Dave also researched various LCD's and memory options.

Danny VanderSpek
Danny VanderSpek is from Florence, Ontario, and is currently studying Electrical Engineering at Calvin College. Danny has spent his last two summers as an intern in test and measurement at Gentex Corporation, a position that has given Danny production experience with electrical hardware and software troubleshooting. His interests include technology trends, engineering policy, and international business and engineering.

Danny was responsible for the research of the project's sensors (consumer-grade MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes), the development of positioning algorithms, and producing the various posters throughout the year.