Bridge Site

Whisky Creek is located just south of Calvin's Burton entrance. It is currently overgrown with shrubbery and foliage. The bridge needs to be placed in a location which primarily allows members of Holland Home a safe and easy path to the Ministry Center and Calvin's Campus.


  • Safe for retirement community to use, especially during winter months
  • Barrier Free
  • Effective in dealing with elevation difference between banks
  • Meets codes for building
  • Fulfills needs of Holland Home and Raybrook residents
  • Fulfills needs of Woodlawn CRC congregation
  • Cost effective
  • Possibly large enough to allow golf carts to pass
  • Not harmful to surrounding environment



Project Site: This is an overhead view of the project site showing Raybrook and the Holland Home to the South, the Ministry Center in the center with Calvin's campus to the North. Whiskey Creek can be seen running through the tree line between the Ministry Center and Raybrook and Holland Home.

Bridge Site

Topographical Data: This is a topographical map of the project site showing 2 foot contour lines.

Topographical Map



Soil Map: This is a map of the soil types around the project site. The most prevalent soil type in this area is clay.

Soil Map



Current Route: This is the current route that residents of Holland Home and Raybrook must take to get around Whiskey Creek and to Calvin's campus or the Ministry Center. A bridge or path crossing Whiskey Creek would clearly shorten the travel time.

Current Route Around Whiskey Creek