Case for Cambodia

Seniors helping those in need

Case for Cambodia - Site Specifics

Our Proposal

Our design team is proposing a site development and building design for a plot of land in Cambodia.  The proposed site is currently being used for agricultural purposes and has a developed well. Our team will work to develop a building used for fellowship and shelter including sanitary facilities. For the site development we will be designing an elevated tank for water pressure and an irrigation system. Because there is no electricity at the site, a solar powered electricity system for the house and communication purposes will be developed. The focus of our design will be to design with the materials that they have available in their country, and commonly use. At the same time ensure inexpensive and long lasting structures.

We propose that due to large nature of this design project that it will be necessary to have five people in order to accomplish the goals that we have set. The project is divided into five areas of design. The first area is sizing a water tank that will be supported above ground to provide for the water needs of the bathrooms/kitchens on site as well as capacity to supply irrigation of fruit trees. This will also include pipe work from the pump to the water tank and then from the water tank to the gravity fed showers/toilets. The second area is designing a solar powered energy source that can be used for the pumping water and the electrical demand of the buildings on-site. The third part of the project is designing a building that will use local materials and will include dormrooms, classrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen as well as shelter during the rainy season. The fourth part of the project is designing a waste water treatment source to safely take care of their waste. The fifth part of the project is designing a bridge that will cross a stream to the schools location as well as provide some water storage behind the bridge with a dam. All these components will combined to make up a master plan for the Eden School of Agriculture.


ESA - Eden School of Agriculture

Eden School of Agriculture is an agricultural school which teaches innovative techniques of farming as well as basic mechanics so the farmers know how to properly operate and maintain their farm and equipment. Their vision is to have a farm with facilities including electricity, computers, and kitchens. They hope to grow and educate about crops such as sourops, durain, coconut, rabootan, maranga, and various vegetables. Livestock will also be a part of the farm including cattle, chickens, pigs, and fish. The education of the balance of nutrition in the lives of these farmers is important to their quality of life and benefit to their society.